Where to begin planning your wedding?  Your budget!  Regardless of if your number is $1,000 or $100,000 you need to decide on a budget.  From there, you can plan everything else accordingly. For most of you, this is probably the first wedding you have planned, and there are a lot things that can sneak up on you.  To help prevent that, below is a list of common items and what percent of your overall budget you should save for it!

Reception (Venue, Food, Drinks): 50%

Ceremony: 2%

Attire: 8%

Flowers: 8%

Entertainment/Music: 8%

Photography/Videography: 8%

Stationery: 2%

Wedding Rings: 2%

Parking/Transportation: 2%

Guest Wedding Favors: 2%

Miscellaneous: 7.99%

WedTexts 0.01% (or less!)

As you can see above, there are a lot of things that go into your wedding budget (and that does not include the rehearsal dinner or the honeymoon).  The first step is to determine who will be contributing to the wedding budget. From there you can allocate accordingly.  

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