Every bride wants to keep their wedding party and guests in the loop about their big day. A day that could take place where the couple first met or somewhere they’ve always dreamed of going.


Lots of times people marry locally in order to have everyone they love present for their big day. It’s easy to coordinate an event when everyone is familiar with the surroundings and there’s no questions of where is the venue? Where is the reception? How do we get there? And the idea of taking a place that already holds value to a couple’s life and using it as background for another valuable moment isn’t too bad, either. But with a local wedding you run the risk of not being able to try new things since most people back home could expect a certain type of ceremony pitting you into the realm of redundancy.


Exotic. Romantic. Different. Going away for a wedding is usually commonplace when two people whose families are from different areas want to get hitched. It dodges the conflict of “We should get marry in my hometown.” “No, mine!” It’s also easy when the honeymoon is in the same destination. But destination weddings may often leave certain people out who cannot travel to witness the union.

Whether it’s cost or simply a dream, there are so many reasons why people decide to wed in their hometown or to jet off instead. Which do you think is better? Local or destination weddings?