If you Like it, Then Put a Ring on it

We here at WedTexts would like to congratulate you on taking the next step in your relationship. Getting engaged to the person you love is exciting! If you cover all the bases, meaning: picking a prime proposal place, having the element of surprise and obtaining a jaw-dropping ring it goes unsaid that your partner will say yes. In the following post we will review several tips to make your proposal as unforgettable for her as it is for you.

Traditionally, when choosing an engagement ring consumers are concerned with the  4 C’s: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. But, throw those out the window for now. What really matters are size, style, and sincerity.


Nothing is worse than the ring not fitting or being suited for your fiancé. Just reflect back to Christmas when a family member nails the perfect gift but disappointment swoops in when it doesn’t fit. Let’s avoid the awkwardness of having to refit or return the ring.

Here’s how you will achieve this goal. Keep in mind that the key element to figuring out what ring size to buy is being subtle. The perfect time to accomplish this mission is when your partner is out of town or away for work. This gives you the opportunity to raid her jewelry box and find a ring that you’ve seen her wear before. After doing so you are left with two options. First option being, take the ring itself to the jewelry store. Or if that option is too risky, lay the ring flat on a piece of paper making sure to trace both the inside and the outside several time.

If neither of the above options seems to be obtainable you can always enlist the help of family or friends.


Choosing the perfect ring has a lot to do with knowing your partner’s style and personality. After all, no one knows more about your partner than you… except for maybe her best friends. It’s important to involve the people who are closest to your partner when picking out the style of ring. Not only will they have insight to what she loves, it will make them feel as though they were are part of this life changing moment. Having the women she trusts involved in this process could save you from making mistakes you may see as simple, such as choosing a wrong stone setting or picking gold when she routinely wears silver.


Keep in mind that nothing trumps your heart’s intentions. Although the ring may be an important piece in the puzzle of your engagement, nothing is going to make your partner happier than spending the rest of her life with the person she loves.

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