Today’s engaged couples are trying to deliver an unforgettable guest experience when it comes to planning for their wedding.  The guest experience becomes even more important the more events you’re hosting, and especially for destination weddings. With more unknowns for the guests (e.g Locations, Start times, dress codes!) there is a greater chance for something going wrong!

Historically couples have relied on printed information.  That is, wedding invitations and wedding weekend itineraries to communicate event details to the guests.  This process is burdensome on both you and your guests… and costly!!

Within the past 10 years wedding websites have become common place.  According to The Knot, 48% of couples displayed some wedding related information via their wedsite in 2016.  Like paper information, wedding websites also put a burden on wedding guests.  Visiting the website requires guests to remember your domain name, and possibly even a unique password. Or search for your website on their favorite search engine!

With 90% of couples in 2016 using their mobile phone to help them plan their wedding, it’s no surprise that Wedding Apps have become popular.  And you guessed it…the traditional Wedding App also puts a burden on your wedding guests. For the guests to get any useful information from you within the app…your guests have to download the app! – Which very few guests do.

Wedding texting with WedTexts helps you create an unforgettable wedding experience for your wedding guests because it is the only form of wedding communication that is effortless for your guests.  If they can receive a text message, then they can receive all your scheduled reminders and notifications about your wedding!

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