Your wedding may seem far away now, but believe me it sneaks up on you…quickly! Before you know it, you go from just getting engaged, to finalizing the last minute details, to realizing you’re 2 weeks out and then boom, it’s your wedding day!

Although you may be an expert on all of your wedding details, your guests likely haven’t spent nearly as much time reviewing those same details. This is when all of the texts start rolling in… When does the hotel block end? Where is the wedding party staying? Do I need to rent a car when I get in? Which airport is the best to fly into? What is the wedding dress code? Once they start, they don’t stop!

The week of your wedding you will get questions about the attire, about the start time and location of the ceremony rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and even the wedding ceremony itself! When we were planning our own wedding, Kelly and I thought there had to be a better way, so we created WedTexts.

WedTexts allows you to pre-schedule messages to go to all your guests (or groups of your guests) for all events and important dates leading up to your wedding. By downloading our FREE WedTexts App you can easily import your guests’ information from your cell phone’s address book and schedule all the messages you want to send out. All you have to do is select the group you want the message sent to, choose the exact time and date you want them to receive the message, and tell us what you want the message to say!

To show you how useful WedTexts is, take a look at the sample text messages below (all of these messages took less than 5 minutes to schedule)!

This is a great message to send to all of your guests 5 weeks before your wedding. It reminds them to RSVP and to book their hotel room!

The attire reminder keeps you from having to answer lots of questions about information that is already on your beautiful paper invitation! Guests always appreciate a quick weather update too! This message is best sent 5 days before the wedding (before your guests begin to pack).

Are you having a welcome Happy Hour or some other get together? Let your guests know the exact details the morning of the event!

You can keep your wedding party on point by sending them (and only them) reminders about events such as your ceremony rehearsal! (It’s best to send this type of message the morning of the rehearsal.)

Send a rehearsal dinner reminder to your wedding party and your family without having to bother all your other guests! (Send this message around noon the day of the rehearsal dinner).

Schedule this important reminder to go to ALL OF YOUR GUESTS the morning of your wedding!

Are you providing transportation to your wedding? You can easily let your guests know the exact details! (Send this to your guests the morning of your wedding).

Are you having a morning after brunch for your guests? If so, let them know the details by scheduling this text for the morning after your wedding!

These are common ways WedTexts couples are pro-actively answering their wedding guests’ questions!  How will you answer your guests questions?

Create your FREE WedTexts account to really WOW your wedding guests today by signing up at or by downloading our app at!