Planning your destination wedding is difficult and stressful. You’re living in one place, and having to coordinate a huge party in a completely different place!  I feel your pain…in 2015 we planned our destination wedding in New Orleans from Columbia, SC.

Many couples planning their destination wedding (or a wedding with a lot of out-of-towners) provide some transportation for their wedding guests. It is a great way to take stress off of you, and when done correctly make sure your guests get to your wedding ceremony on time. Below are 3 great forms of wedding transportation for your wedding guests.

1 – Public Transportation

When Caleb and I were planning our destination wedding in New Orleans we planned all our events along the St. Charles Streetcar Line. Our intention was to provide each guest with a 2-day pass to the streetcar. This way all of our out of town wedding guests would have an easy way to explore the city, experience a little more of the Big Easy, and get to all our events in a local fashion.

However when we arrived in New Orleans the week of our wedding, we were distraught to find the streetcar line was having major repairs! It wasn’t operating where we needed it to!!! Luckily we had just enough time to figure out a plan B.

Pros of Public Transportation:

You can provide a great local experience, and it is pretty easy to manage (simply include the passes/tickets in the guests’ welcome bags).

Cons of Public Transportation:

You have very little control over timing, and your guests will have to plan for travel time.

2 – Buses/Shuttles

After we realized the Street Car wasn’t an option, we began calling local transportation companies. We were able to book a few yellow school buses. It was a great last minute solution. We had the buses pick up our family (we both come from huge families!) and wedding party to drop us off at the rehearsal dinner Friday night, and we had 2 buses available for the entire wedding and reception on our wedding day.

FYI – Most buses/shuttles charge by the hour and have a minimum number of hours for each rental (in our case it was 3 hours minimum for the rental each day).

Pros of Buses/Shuttles:

You have a great deal of control. We had each bus make a few trips, and used WedTexts to let our guests know the bus schedules.

Cons of Buses/Shuttles:

Depending on the number of guests, type of transportation (school buses, chartered buses, etc.) and how long you need the transportation it can get costly.

(Also, if you get a yellow school bus, confirm that it has AC or Heat. In our rush to find transportation we didn’t ask about this, and ended up with buses with no AC. With our destination wedding being in June in New Orleans it got warm! Luckily we didn’t have far to go…we went old school with the windows down!!)

3 – Lyft / Uber

In recent years car services like Lyft and Uber have gotten very popular. We didn’t know this was an option when we got married. Each company handles their wedding transportation a little differently. Both options give you a special coupon code to share with your guests (FYI – WedTexts is the best way to make sure your guests have your Event Coupon for Lyft or Uber!)

Lyft Events allow you to choose the amount you will pay for each guests. For example, each guest can get a $10 discount applied to their ride. You prepay for however much your budget will allow, and once your budget is up your guests will have to start paying the full price of their rides. If you don’t reach your max budget, Lyft will refund you whatever isn’t used after your wedding. For more information on Lyft Events click here.

Uber Events allows you to purchase entire rides for guests. When you set your budget, Uber will put a 25% hold on your credit card for the entire budget. As your guests use your Event Code, your budget will be drained until it is gone. After it is gone your guests will have to pay for their rides. For more information on Uber Events click here.

Pros of Lyft/Uber:

You won’t pay for any waste. You will only be charged for rides that your guests take. It also is the most flexible event transportation because people can leave whenever they want…your grandma and grandpa don’t have to stay until 11pm to get taken back to their hotel after you wedding reception.

Cons of Lyft/Uber:

Depending on the number of guests, travel time and Lyft/Uber pricing this option can get pricey…luckily both companies allow you to set a budget.

Regardless which type of wedding transportation you choose, WedText is a great way to make sure your guests have the details they need for your wedding transportation. Don’t delay…create your free account today at