Think about your typical wedding experience for your guests. They witness your legal bond with the one you love, and hopefully get to greet you in some way during the reception. However, the guestbook is always something everyone dreads. It’s boring waiting line, and not really that exciting. Because of that, here are some creative guestbook ideas for your wedding!

1. “Tip Jar”

Your guests can leave advice on having a long marriage in the tip jar. This could be a cool vintage piece for your reception tables.

2. Use a globe as a guestbook! Your guests could write notes or leave their names on the globe which can decorate your home.

3. No one can go wrong with a photo booth! Have the photo booth print out two of each photo set. One for your guest to take home and one for your guestbook picture collage.

4. Have your guests sign a puzzle piece that you can put together to remember the memories. Buy a blank set of wooden puzzle pieces that they can write messages on.

5. A fingerprint guestbook created for you by your guests.

6. Have your guests create a bucket list of suggestions they think you should do with your significant other now that you’re married!

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