After 5 years, I finally popped the question. She was so surprised that I honestly couldn’t have done it better.

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A few months went by and we set a date, April 8th. We had a year to get all our ducks in a row and pull off the event of our lives! It was a lot of fun but obviously, a lot of organization.

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I’m from Cincinnati and she was from Cleveland, we live in Columbus, OH. With friends and family coming from all over…we needed something to keep all our out of town wedding guests in the loop. We brainstormed and thought about a wedding planner, mailed notices, or even throwing more responsibility on our bridal party.

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It became clear what wedding planning tool we should use when I stumbled across WedTexts. My fiancé was skeptical at first and outlined why our budget wouldn’t allow it. However, WedTexts offered amazing prices that did not even make a dent in our wedding budget.

Texting for Wedding

We were worried about wedding emergencies, last minute changes, and most importantly…..rain on our wedding day. There are so many variables to a single day in your life, it was just best to make sure you’re covered. So, we gathered cell phone numbers of all our guests (if you don’t have your guests’ cell…they probably shouldn’t be invited…except plus 1s).

Wedding Party Communication

We assigned one of my groomsmen to download the easy to use wedding app and assigned him as “WedTexts Secretary”, who was in charge of sending out last minute details in case of an emergency. Then the exciting part began. We started to draft our texts. Giving everyone a “Welcome to Columbus” text the day before to thank all who travelled far to be part of our wedding.

We followed up with details of wedding ceremony, reception, after party, and even a thank you note the following day. We used WedTexts to send a link to our wedding guests on how to request a song at the reception, send us well-wishes to be read on our honeymoon, and even highlight our hashtag (#itsTuellTime) and snapchat filter.

WedTexts - Digital wedding weekend itinerary

By and large, WedTexts was a huge, affordable asset to our wedding planning execution. Our guests loved the ingenuity and social media focused feel of their Tuell wedding experience. Luckily we didn’t have an emergency, but WedTexts was there every step of the way in case we did.

Wedding weekend itinerary

WedTexts brought a quick way to make sure guests were where they needed to be while also giving a new innovative way to entertain on what was happening next. We couldn’t be happier with the service, easy to use app, and the customer service we received. We highly recommend Wedtexts at your wedding.

Digital Wedding Weekend Itinerary

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Photo Cred – David Creighton

Locations – Ohio Statehouse, Franklin Park and The Columbus Athenaeum