For those of you that are intrigued by WedTexts, but are still on the fence about signing up for your free account, below are 7 reasons real WedTexts couples love WedTexts!


1) My wife and I had a lot of events planned for our wedding (casino night, rehearsal, brunch, cocktail hour, ceremony, and reception) and thanks to WedTexts we were able to focus on those events and not worry about reminding our guests about when and where they had to be.

Brian (Groom – Chula Vista, CA)


2) Our guests loved WedTexts!  Even though we’d sent details about the weekend in the mail and posted them on our wedding website, we found that our guests really loved being sent reminders as we approached the big day. We got tons of compliments on using WedTexts throughout our wedding weekend.

Allie & Jon (Bride & Groom – New Orleans, LA)


3) When a flood interfered with our original wedding, we had to find a new ceremony and reception location in a matter of just 2 days. WedTexts saved the day by letting us easily communicate the new information to all our guests via a single text message. It saved us the huge hassle of calling each guest one by one or relying on a phone tree which would have been both exhausting and unreliable

– Blair (Bride – Columbia, SC)


4) While I’m realistic and knew that everything wouldn’t be 100% perfect on my wedding weekend, WedTexts was a fantastic and a great 21st century solution to minimizing that risk and ensuring all went smoothly. Our guests were reminded when and where events were, our wedding party was reminded when to get ready, and my rather large family was reminded when and where to take photos pre-wedding. I didn’t look at my phone once on my wedding day and focused instead on relaxing, celebrating, and soaking it all in.

– Julie (Bride – New Orleans, LA)


5) There were many things going on in the hotel that I got married. WedTexts made it very easy to communicate with the wedding party. This was great because it gave me one less thing to worry about.

– Becca (Bride – Philadelphia, PA)


6) The thing I loved most about WedTexts was that we were able to schedule a message to remind guests of the last bus leaving the hotel for the ceremony. All of our guests were on time, which made for an amazing start to my wedding day!

– Gretchen (Bride – Litchfield, CT)


3) Although New Orleans feels like a second home to my husband and me, it was a “destination” for most of our guests! This added an additional level of stress to our wedding planning. Since many of our guests had never been to New Orleans, I was worried about them knowing how to navigate the city and make it to all of our wedding events. WedTexts was perfect for this, as we were able to send google maps links to all of our guests so they knew exactly where to go for each of our wedding events!

– Kelly (Bride – New Orleans, LA)


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