Are you having a lot of out of town guests coming into town for your wedding weekend?  If so, below are the top 6 mistakes brides make when planning their wedding weekend!

1st Wedding Weekend Mistake: Taking on too many last minute tasks.

When you have a lot of family and friends coming into town for your wedding you may feel a great deal of pressure to make sure everything is perfect, and going the DIY route can definitely save you money.  Do as many DIY tasks as possible before your wedding weekend: like building your guests’ welcome bags and scheduling your WedTexts messages.  As for the things that are time sensitive and need to be done the day before (or the day of) your wedding, either get family and friends to help, pay someone to do them or go without.  No one will miss a few extra flower arrangements if it means you are building them yourself on your wedding day!


2nd Wedding Weekend Mistake: Planning too many events for your wedding weekend.

If you have a lot of guests coming in from out of town for your wedding, you may feel the urge to have a lot of events planned for your wedding guests.  This gets costly quickly and leads to guests getting burnt out.  One solution is to make events optional.  That way guests don’t feel as though they have to make it to all 9 of your wedding weekend events.

3rd Wedding Weekend Mistake: Planning too few events during your wedding weekend.

The other side of the coin from planning too many wedding weekend events, is planning too few wedding weekend events.  A great way to make sure your guests feel involved in your wedding weekend is to have at least 1 optional event per day.  That way everyone feels included without getting burnt out!


4th Wedding Weekend MistakeNot planning a welcome party.

Kicking off your wedding weekend with a welcome party is a great way to welcome (and thank) your guests for celebrating your wedding weekend with you.  Your wedding weekend will go by so fast, and a welcome party gives you a chance to spend more quality times with friends and family! It’s also a great way for your guests to meet one another.  By the time your wedding reception comes around there will be fewer introductions and more dancing!

5th Wedding Weekend Mistake: Not taking care of yourself.

Going too big too fast happens to the best of us.  If you’re planning many events throughout your wedding weekend you have to make sure you take care of yourself!  This includes wearing sunscreen at your outdoor events, staying hydrated, not drinking too much or staying out all night with your friends.  Slow and steady wins the race!  You don’t want to leave for your honeymoon sunburnt or be hung over on your wedding day.


6th Wedding Weekend Mistake: Not communicating last-minute news to guests.

At times getting 4-5 people together can be a hassle.  When it comes to 100+ people it can be nearly impossible!  So if you’re having an outdoor wedding and the unexpected happens, how will you let your wedding guests know about your plan B?  Some people don’t check their email, and calling all of your wedding guests is unthinkable!  Do yourself a favor and signup for a free WedTexts account.  If things go as planned, you can schedule all of your WedTexts’ messages in advance.  Your guests will appreciate receiving timely texts letting them know event details.  If something happens (like a flood, fire, blizzard, or something as simple as a thunderstorm if you’re getting married outside) and your plans have to change, you can send out real time updates letting your guests know the exact details of your plan B!

One way you can be sure to WOW your wedding guests is to create your free WedTexts account by signing up at or downloading our app at