It is a surreal feeling having your loved ones come from near and far to celebrate your wedding.  The magnitude of the event grows as the surreal feeling begins to set in (it didn’t hit me until a week before our wedding).  Starting about a week out I realized how many people were going out of their way to attend our wedding, and we wanted to show our guests that we appreciated their sacrifice.  To help you show your guests you appreciate them, below are 5 subtle ways you can show your appreciation.

1)   Welcome bags

There is arguably no better arrival gift than having a welcome bag waiting for you at the hotel.  You can prepare the bags yourself or use a service like BowTieBags if you want them prepared and delivered for you.

2)   Hotel Options

When choosing your hotel(s) you should take location and price into account.  The easiest place to start is with Google Maps.  Map out all the venues where events will be hosted and look for hotels nearby.  To really help your guests, try to have a low priced hotel, medium priced hotel and a fancy pants hotel.  This gives your guests options based on their comfort level and budget.  (Most guests will want to stay where you are staying)

3)   Additional Events

If you are having people come from out of town you want to keep them busy.  Make sure they get their money’s worth for their trip by having a get together at your house, a restaurant, a bar or any other meeting place.  Whatever the event may be, make it match your style and personality.  The important thing is to get your loved ones together as much as possible.

4)   Party Favors

Who doesn’t like party favors?  Whether they are sitting on the tables at the reception or in baskets leaving the reception, everyone loves getting a little gift.  You can go generic, local or creative.  The possibilities are endless…at least up to your budget.

5)   Great Communication

More than likely this is the first wedding you have ever planned.  It is also probably the biggest party you have ever planned.  Anytime you get lots of people together communication becomes a challenge.  The traditional wedding communications (save the dates, paper invitations, wedding website, etc.) puts a burden on your wedding guests.  Guests often misplace and forget them leading to them not knowing all the details.  To prevent this from happening, update your guests throughout the weekend with WedTexts!  You can pre-schedule messages to be sent in advance or update guests in real time if anything changes.  

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