We are thrilled by the excitement and support we’ve gotten from wedding planners who have experienced WedTexts!

Wedding planners are experts at weddings! They have experienced weddings of all shapes and sizes, and they know better than any bride the stress and pressure that awaits an engaged couple in the final weeks leading up to their wedding. Are you a wedding planner just learning about WedTexts? Here are the top 5 reasons that you should share WedTexts with your engaged couples!

(1) Your couple is being inundated with last minute questions.

While you may have everything under control on your end, your bride is likely getting inundated with texts and calls from her family and friends about last minute details… “Where is the rehearsal again?” , “Should we take a cab or shuttle from the airport?”, “What is the dress code?”

All of these questions can be answered with WedTexts! Help your couples reduce the stress leading up to their wedding by scheduling text messages to their guests to answer all of these questions. Texts can start going out weeks, or even months before the wedding if needed!

For example: send a text message the Monday of the wedding week to all guests reminding them of the dress code “We are thrilled to see you this weekend to celebrate our wedding! For those who may begin packing soon, our wedding is Black Tie, so get that tuxedo ready!”

(2) The pricing at the hotel block that you worked so tirelessly organizing with your couple, is expiring at the end of the week and only 10 guests have booked.

You and your couple spent significant time choosing the perfect lodging for the guests, and confirmed some great rates! Unfortunately, time has gotten away from the guests and few have booked. No problem, schedule a WedText!

“For those guests who are still interested in staying at the Hilton, Marriot and Hampton Inn, the group rates expire this week! Please see our wedding website www.SaraAndRyanWed.com for rates and contact numbers. Be sure to book before Friday to guarantee our wedding rates!”

(3) Something unexpected happened.

As with almost EVERY wedding, something unexpected happens. I know this first hand! At our wedding we had to book school buses 3 days before our wedding to transport our guests to our wedding venue after we arrived at our wedding destination and road construction interfered with our initial plans of using the New Orleans Streetcar! WedTexts saved us, and it can save your couples too. Use WedTexts to alert guests of last minute changes, so no one misses important information.

(4) You and your couple are worried about everyone keeping up with the details.

You need the wedding party, and ONLY the wedding party to be at the ceremony rehearsal at 3pm the day before the wedding. You need the bridesmaids to be at the preparation location at 9am, and the groomsmen to be with the groom at 2pm, and all guests to arrive at the venue at 4:30pm. WedTexts keeps all of these details organized. Create scheduled text messages for each GROUP that goes out at the perfect time so everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there!

(5) The wedding may be over, but the celebration is not! 

Is your couple hanging around for a day before they head to their honeymoon? Are they hosting a brunch for family and friends the day after their wedding? Let the guests know! Send them a reminder text so that everyone makes sure to meet up and share all the wonderful memories from the night before.

(Photo credit – G. Chapin Studios)