While you have probably read a fair share of wedding “To-Dos”, here are our 4 Wedding Day “Don’ts”!

1 – Don’t try any new attire!

  • This means breaking in your shoes, deciding on your make up and hair styles, and knowing exactly what you and your wedding party are going to wear well before your wedding day.

2 – Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

  • Do not skip any meals, drink too much too early, be hung over, or exercise too hard the day of your wedding. Your big day is stressful enough without adding these things to the mix. Be sure to get plenty of rest, eat right and get ready to enjoy your nuptials!

3 – Don’t try to manage everything yourself!

  • In one word this means to delegate. If you have a wedding planner, great! They will take care of the majority of the things you will need to delegate. For other couples this means putting your maid of honor, the best man or a family friend in charge of tasks that need to be completed at the last minute.

4 – Don’t leave communication to chance!

  • If you are relying on paper communication or your wedding website, you are putting a burden on your wedding guest to either keep up with your information or find your wedding information. Be sure to schedule your WedTexts reminders in advance! Then you won’t need your cell phone at all during your big day!

If you do not want to leave your communication up to chance, sign up for your WedTexts account today at wedtexts.com!