Congratulations on your engagement! By now there is a good chance you have already chosen your wedding date and venue (and posted lots of pictures on Facebook and Instagram!). Now you need to let your loved ones know your wedding date to make sure they keep your day free.

To help you decide what type of save the date to choose, below are the three most popular types –

  • Save the Date Cards – Card style are the traditional type of Save the Dates. You can have them printed with anything you like, choose an engagement picture, artistic fonts, and even a timeline of you and your partner’s life up until this point! These save the dates start at $0.65 per card. The average is around $1.30 per card, but the price can go way up from there! It just depends on your personal style and budget. Make sure you check the weight and include accurate postage.

  • Save the Dates Magnets – Magnetic Save the Dates give you many of the same print options with the convenience of your invitees being able to stick your beautiful face on their refrigerator. It helps them keep up with your save the date! Save the Date Magnets start around $0.75 per magnet, with the average being around $1.60 per magnet. Again, make sure you check the weight and include accurate postage.

  • Digital Save the Dates – Do you have all of your invitees email addresses? Want to save money? Want to be “green”? Then digital, or e-Save-the-Dates, could be right for you. The biggest plus for Digital Save the Dates is convenience. Unlike the Traditional or Magnetic Save the Dates, with e-Save-the-Dates, you do not have to worry about having anything printed, stuffing any envelopes, making sure the postage is accurate or taking the time to mail anything. Pricing for Digital Save the Dates start at free and go up from there. A downside to these Save the Dates is that they may end up in the invitees’ spam inbox.

Regardless of which type you choose, typically Save the Dates should go out 4-6 months before the wedding or 6-8 months before destination weddings. That being said, we do not think you can send them out too early!

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