One of the reasons we love being involved with weddings is because weddings are as unique as the people getting married! Everyone puts their own flair on their wedding day (and the events leading up to them). We have been fortunate to be part of weddings across the country, and out of those events have come the 10 most popular type of WedTexts messages (one of the many great things about WedTexts is you can put your own twist on the messages, so each of the 10 are slightly different for every couple!).

1) Welcome party – Whether it is a happy hour, casino night, crawfish boil, oyster roast, etc. Couples love letting their guests know about the first event of the weekend via WedTexts. If you having a welcome happy hour Thursday evening, send your guests a message Thursday morning letting them know the details!

2) Rehearsal Reminder – Reminding your wedding party about the rehearsal has never been easier! The morning of the rehearsal send them a message saying, “Friendly reminder, the rehearsal is at (this location) at (this time). Please be on time!”

3) Rehearsal Dinner Details – Many people let their family and wedding party know the details of the rehearsal dinner by sending a message the morning of the rehearsal dinner saying, “We hope you’re hungry! The rehearsal dinner is tonight at (this location) at (this time)!”

4) Providing transportation? – Send a message letting guests know when and where transportation will be picking them up.

5) Reminder to the bridesmaids – Do you need your bridesmaids to be somewhere on your wedding day? Send them a message that morning, or the night before, letting them know exactly when and where to be.

6) Do the groomsmen need to be somewhere the day of the wedding? Have a message queued up letting them know their marching orders.

7) To make sure all of your guests are there to see you walk down the aisle (on time), send your guests a final reminder about the ceremony details the morning of the wedding!

8) Is your reception at a different location than the wedding? Send a message reminding guests where the reception will be held.

9) Hosting a brunch the morning after? Send a message the same morning reminding your guests about the brunch!

10) Everyone loves to be told thank you. So schedule a quick thank you text a few days after your wedding! If you schedule the message in advance, you can be thanking your loved ones while your own your honeymoon!

There you have it, the 10 most popular types of WedTexts messages.