Meet Kendall and Matthias

Kendall and Matthias

Whether you just got engaged or are about to walk down the aisle, there is a good chance you’re consumed by your wedding planning. Kelly began planning our wedding the day after we got engaged; the same day she created her Pinterest account (I haven’t been able to get her off since!). From our experience, no matter where you are in the planning process, there always seem to be a million things to do, research and plan!


To help you in this process we followed a real WedTexts couple during their wedding planning. Kendall and Matthias got married last September in Noank, CT.


We begin following their story 12 months before their wedding. Each month’s chapter will be posted on our blog in the coming weeks. For anyone that wants to read ahead, check out the links below:


Month 12 – He did it! We are engaged!!!

Month 11 – Where to say “I Do!” ?

Month 10 – So many wedding vendors to choose from.

Month 9 – Dress shopping coast to coast.

Month 8 – How to build a wedding website.

Month 7 – Bridesmaids dresses anyone?

Month 6 – Nantucket should be nice this time of year.

Month 5 – First big wedding planning fight!

Month 4 – Everyone has (at least) that one groomsmen…

Month 3 – Bridal shower, buses and bears oh my

Month 2 – Reminders, reminders, reminders – how wedding texting can help your guests.

Month 1 – Don’t forget your marriage license.

Week 3 – RSVP please! How to collect all the outstanding RSVPs.

Week 2 – Life is easier with a Blueprint.

Week 1 – Everyone needs a little help, add your MOH to your WedTexts account.


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WedTexts is the easiest way to communicate with your wedding guests. We allow engaged couples to pre-schedule text messages to be sent during their wedding planning…for events such as:

–  RSVP reminders.

–  Tuxedo rental reminders.

–  Hotel room blocks.

–  Sharing their wedding website.

–  Sharing their wedding hashtag.

–  And all of their events during their wedding weekend.  (Welcome Party, Wedding Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, & Morning After Brunch)


Wedding texting with WedTexts ensures your guests have your event information when they need it most, and it is delivered directly to their cell phones!


Photo cred – Michael Chilemi with Studio 1 Photography


Getting married during March Madness?

Getting married at the same time as a big sporting event can add stress to a couple that’s passionate about sports (or knows a lot of their wedding guests care about a particular game). With March Madness wrapping up soon, we figured we would highlight three things you can be happy about when getting married during a big sporting event. Although number 3 is the most important, to really reduce stress WedTexts’ scheduled wedding texting could be just what you need to keep your wedding guests on point during your wedding weekend.


You can be happy about:

– Streaming

Streaming live sports on your mobile phone. There are commercials out there with sports fans streaming the big game while in church at the ceremony. Although we think that is a bit far, the ability to stream a live sports game is a great way to catch the score (or watch part/all) of the game while at the reception. If it is a big local game, consider having it on at the reception. It will give the non-dancing guests something to do.


– WedTexts

WedTexts is a great way to make sure your wedding guests have all your important wedding information. Wedding texting with WedTexts is a great way to set reminders to be sent to your wedding guests for all your wedding events. The text reminders can be sent for events such as your RSVP reminder, engagement party, and of course for all your wedding weekend events. Group text messaging for your wedding is an effortless way to make sure your wedding guests have your wedding weekend timeline delivered directly to their cell phones, and with WedTexts you can pre-schedule all your messages. This is especially important during tournament time. Even if your guests can stream their favorite team to their cell phone, it doesn’t mean they won’t need an extra reminder about your bus schedule, rehearsal dinner or the ceremony itself!


– The love of your fiancé

This is what your wedding is all about. All the planning, stress and hoopla is all about marrying your best friend. Sometimes it is nice to be reminded of that. Congrats from all of us here at WedTexts!


Create your free WedTexts account at! Sending scheduled WedTexts reminders to your wedding guests reduces your stress and provides an amazing experience for your loved ones. There is no app for your wedding guests to download.  Being kept in the loop with WedTexts is effortless for your wedding guests!


Wedding texting has never been easier!