We had to re-plan our wedding in 2 days!

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My husband and I were married on October 3rd, 2015. If you think back to that date you will realize that yes it was the weekend of the 1000 year flood waters that took over the state of South Carolina, and yes that is where we were married.

In my mind I knew exactly what I wanted, something outdoors, off of the river, magical lights, and beautiful music. As you know all of these things are wonderful and beautiful in your mind but it is not something that is easily planned. It is extremely hard to keep all of the information organized, but I hit the ground running and found a location for our ceremony. This perfect spot by the Congaree River on my husbands parents property. It truly was a magical location. His father built an arbor, we had trees cut for our aisle runners, and of course those wonderful signs made with all of the cute sayings that make weddings special and memorable. A lot of work and effort put in by all.

If you are one of those brides that is planning a wedding outside then you will be able to relate to what I am about to say. All brides getting married, who have planned an outdoor wedding, begin checking the weather a month prior in hopes she will get an early and accurate reading from the weather man and will continue to do so every day, multiple times a day until the day of the wedding arrives. I went through every emotional stage possible and it made for an extremely long month when the forecast was not in my favor. Up and down, up and down. Finally one week away…I knew this was going to finally be my week to see that beautiful October weather. The Sunday before 75 high, 60 low and only 10 percent chance of rain. That changed quickly and everyday it got higher and higher until finally Thursday it said 100%….This was not just any 100% chance of rainfall, this was literally a hurricane that just so happened to be spewing water over the one spot that I had said my prayers about for months. Not one or two inches but more like 12 to 24 inches. At that point all I could do was cry! I was devastated and knew we were going to have to change the location of the ceremony. But when my fiance at the time called me to tell me we had to, I kept saying NO, NO, NO! I did not know how to accept this and I did not know how it would be possible to contact ALL of those people in such a short amount of time.

WEDTEXTS, that’s how! Wedtexts literally saved us on our wedding weekend. Not only did we have a new ceremony location, but a new reception location, and a new rehearsal location. We essentially had to plan an entirely new wedding in two short days!  We also had people coming from all over…There was no way I could even fathom doing all of that and calling all of those people. Especially while my heart was breaking over all of the major changes in my wedding. My original ceremony location was literally flooded!



Before and after photo of our original wedding location (The blue arrow indicates where the arbor was to be placed)


Wedtexts was so convenient, my fiance and I were able to add all of our contacts through our phone and send out the news in one simple step. I could not believe how easy it was to use. All of our guests thought it was the coolest thing too. The best part was that we could also easily make and manage groups. I had a group for the rehearsal so that message would just go the them, a group for the entire wedding, and a group for the brunch we had the next day. I don’t know what I would have done. All of the information is easily organized and I have my list in one place. Because of this I continued on with my wedding and we had a beautiful day and time together. All of the guests were so kind and we danced the night away after becoming Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey. The rain made for some magical pictures and after all, this only happens once in a thousand years. Lucky me!

I highly recommend every couple use WedTexts! You can create a free account at www.wedtexts.com.


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WedTexts Saves the Day


“My wife and I had a lot of events planned for our wedding (casino night, rehearsal, brunch, cocktail hour, ceremony, and reception) and thanks to WedTexts we were able to focus on those events and not worry about reminding our guests about when and where they had to be” – Brian (Groom – Chula Vista, CA)

Brian and his wife’s wedding had a packed schedule. The guests were staying at different hotels and the events were spread out at different venues around the city. Brian set up messages with WedTexts prior to the wedding and was relying on those to create order within the chaos of the wedding. Brian and his wife were too focused on pre-wedding photos and making sure everything was in place at the venue to worry about ensuring guests ended up where they needed to be. WedTexts succeeded in giving guests updates throughout the weekend to ensure they knew where to go. Just when everything was going smoothly, the restaurant set the reservations for brunch an hour later than told. Brian picked up his phone, opened the WedTexts app, and immediately sent a text to all the guests invited to brunch giving them an update on the time. Try WedTexts today and see how it can help you manage your wedding.


WedTexts is now new, improved, and better than before! Be sure to check it out and share it with your friends!

5 Guest Texts to Pre-Schedule Before Your Wedding Day

WedTexts has helped so many brides and grooms keep their wedding guests up to date about the important details of their big day. By scheduling messages to include dates, maps and links, it also helps relieve some of the pressure involved with planning a wedding. And it’s so easy! If you are considering WedTexts but aren’t sure of what kinds of messages to send, we’re here to help.

Please keep in mind that the messages below are just examples. Feel free to put your own twist on them. Keep it fun and to the point and your guests will love how in the loop they are!

Ceremony Reminders   

“Jane and John will wed March 8, 2017 at 3pm at the Radisson. We hope to see you there!”

What might be the most obvious text to schedule is a ceremony reminder with the date, time and location. If the wedding is out of town or not at a well known location, a good thing to include in the message would be a Google Map link to the venue to ensure that everyone knows where to go.


Hotel Blocks

“Time’s winding down. If you haven’t reserved a hotel room for the wedding, here’s the link.”

This is especially important for out-of-town or destination weddings. You want to know that your guests will take advantage of the hotel blocks and the lowered rates. It’s also easy when everyone is all in the same area when it comes time for planning other wedding related events.


Event Reminders

“Today at noon, we are having brunch on the terrace. Come join us!”

Scheduled event reminders in advance can really take away some of the stress of planning your wedding weekend. If you’ve already got the entire weekend planned out, instead of having to send texts to your wedding party and all of your guests that moment, you can do it months in advance and just enjoy yourself knowing that everyone has all of the information they need.


Link to Wedding Registry

“Wondering what to get the newlyweds? Here’s a link to the registry.”

The wedding registry is an important tool for your guests. It’s their way of figuring out what to gift you without worrying if you’ll like — or need — whatever they buy. An easy way to make sure everyone has access to the registry is by sending them a link.


Special Requests

“If you take any photos throughout the weekend, use our wedding hashtag. We’d love to see them all!”

If you have any requests of your guests, whether it’s tagging all of their photos on social media or putting their phones away during the ceremony, this message is an easy way to let everyone know of your wishes.