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There are so many details when planning your wedding.  As overwhelming as these details may be for you, they are easy to overlook for your guests.  That is one of the reasons we created WedTexts.  With a little effort on your part, you can deliver important event information to your guests in their preferred form of communication (text messages!).  You can pre-schedule text messages to be sent to your guests right when they need them with WedTexts.  Scheduled text messages from WedTexts are effortless for your guests, which makes them the easiest way to WOW your wedding guests!! Are you providing transportation for your wedding guests?  Remind your guests with WedTexts.  Create your free account today at!



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The most important app for your wedding


Since posting our first blog, we have had couples from across the county use our product, and they were kind enough to give us some great feedback.  We took their feedback and made our product better for all the other engaged couples out there!  WedTexts is now easier to use, has a better user experience, and is completely FREE until 3/1/16.  So if you are looking for a great way to WOW your wedding guests, look no further than WedTexts. WedTexts allows you to send pre-scheduled text messages to all your guests at once when things go right, and real time text messages for those unexpected things, such as blizzards or floods.  Sign up for your free WedTexts account today at or download our app at   (Don’t have an iPhone? You can still use the web version of WedTexts!)


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For those of you who haven’t seen it, below is how WedTexts got started…


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Leave No Groomsmen Behind!


In most weddings, there is at least one groomsmen who the bride (and probably groom!) may have their worries about making it to the events on time, and in good wedding shape! Will he remember to be at the rehearsal dinner? Will he bring the right color shoes and tie? Will he show up late for the wedding photos and throw off your wedding timeline?

Eliminate all of these worries with WedTexts! Use our web based app to schedule text messages to go directly to your groomsmens’ phones so they won’t miss any important detail! Let me tell you how:

First, create a group with just your groomsmens’ cell phone numbers, title is “Groomsmen” or something similar so you can easily select it when scheduling you messages

Next, create a message for each important piece of information you want sent to them. Feel free to send as many messages as necessary to get across all important information.

Last, select a date and time you would like the messages to be sent out. We suggest sending them out with a few hours to give them a heads up, and then maybe 1 last reminder about 30 minutes out!

Like the video below?  Create your account today at or download our app!



WedTexts App

Wow your wedding guests…there’s an app for that!

WedTexts is available on the app store

WedTexts iPhone App is live!!  What is WedTexts?  WedTexts enables anyone planning a wedding to easily communicate with their wedding guests through pre-scheduled text messages. Our service drastically reduces the logistical stress for engaged couples (and wedding planners).  Guests are WOWed because they receive important information directly on their cell phone.

You can schedule text message reminders to your guests for your rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, etc!  All messages can be scheduled well in advance.  They can be sent to all your guests or certain guests by creating groups.  With our app, you can even import your contacts directly from your phone!

Download it today and start WOWing your wedding guests in no time! The app is free for all couples who sign up before March 1st!  

Not engaged, but think it is a great idea? Share it with your friends who are engaged and your social media pages!

WedTexts App

download our app today!

See how it works below –


1 – Build your guest list by importing contacts from your phone’s address book OR manually inputting your guests’ information!


Create any necessary groups for your wedding

2 – Create all desired groups to send specific event information to targeted guests!


Schedule your WedTexts in advance and enjoy your wedding.

3 – Create and schedule all your messages well in advance of your wedding!  If you are not sure what messages to send, you can edit the message templates within the app.  Then relax and enjoy your big day!


There is no simpler way to Wow your wedding guests, and your guests will think you’re a genius!  Go to to download our app today!

See a sample message below –


WedTexts ceremony reminder from WedTexts.


Download our app today!