Wedding Guest List Guide

During your wedding planning, it will become apparent how important your wedding guest list can be to the flow of your wedding. And if you’re unsure of who to include or leave out, this easy flowchart will come in handy!

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Wedding on a Budget: The Guest List

Since the big day was so near, our ceremony was set to be a small one, about 50 people or so. With that in mind, we started to create our guest list.

My family is fairly large so my half of the list filled up pretty quickly. After going through my family tree and deciding what remaining cousins and aunts I would invite, I was done (or so I thought). Paul on the other hand has a smaller family with him being the youngest out of his four siblings and took a bit longer to come up with his 25 people. Initially, the guest list was supposed to consist of only family members but Paul had extra spots and could invite some of his friends. Thus began the tug between him being able to invite his friends on his expansive list and me running out of space on my limited one.

Most of my family and friends are back in the Charleston area where I’m from so that narrowed my prospects a bit. I’ve got two college friends and lots of coworkers in Columbia that I would have loved to invite. This whole thing was quickly becoming near impossible. Then came the realization that not everyone that we invited would be able to attend. So that begged the question, should we invite more people in preparation for the ones that would be a no-show? But if we invited these extra people and everyone did show up, our numbers (and budget) would be way off. 

It took about a week or two for us to finalize the guest list and keep it close to 50 people (and make sure to spare people’s feelings in the process). We had to call every single person we were considering and ensure that they would indeed be able to make it before we even added them to the list. Of course, there was still the chance that they would not show, things happen, but at least we had a little peace of mind.

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Next up: the perfect venue.

Wedding on a Budget

I’m getting married! Now that the initial shock and awe has settled, it’s time to start planning. My fiancé, Paul, and I decided on April 9, 2016 as the big day and for those of you with a calendar handy, you’ll see that that’s not too far away. So take a deep breath and journey with me as I plan my wedding in less than three months.


The infamous Instagram announcement post.

I come from a family of wedding/party planners so when the news of my engagement broke, they all went into full planning mode with ideas they’d been harboring over the years. But there’s a catch. My goal is to keep everything under $5,000 so to do that, I need to calculate how many people that budget can accommodate, the amount of food, a venue, dress, decor, etc. Now get ready to do some math.

Prices for a venue vary based on location, day of the week, number of people attending and a host of other reasons. Paul and I love the outdoors — our first date was a picnic in the park — so we figured we’d have the ceremony outside. I have a venue in mind so I’m setting aside half of the budget for a place where we can have the ceremony and reception.

For my dress, I figured I could hit up some trunk shows and off-the-rack sales and find something reasonably priced. I’m shooting for $400 on the dress.

Now the remaining aspects of the wedding will be handled by various, gracious family members of my future husband and mine. My church brother will be the photographer, my cousin will DJ, Paul’s mother will be buying his custom-made suit, my father-in-law will tend the bar, and my mother and another of my cousins will buy all of the decor pieces and decorate. All of this, which was priced for me, came out to $600. That puts me at $3,500 which leaves $1,500 for food, stationery and any other miscellaneous things. I signed up for a free WedTexts account that I will use to keep track of everyone by sending them reminders about important deadlines and events.

These numbers will probably change throughout the course of planning but we will try to stick with the ultimate goal. Stay tuned and see exactly how we execute our budgeted wedding in less than three months.
First up: the perfect guest list

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer is a must on your special wedding day! You shouldn’t hire just anyone who owns a camera. How creatively skilled is your photographer during a wedding and do they have experience? There are a few questions you should ask them before you hire your photographer.

  1. Ask them if they can be available during your wedding day. If they’re booked you might have to find another photographer at the last minute!
  2. Another question would be is if they have any experience. If so, ask them if you can see any past wedding photo albums of their work. Having a good idea of their vision of creativity will help you decide if you will indeed like what they have to offer.
  3. Know your photographer’s personality. Your photographers vibe when you first meet them should give you an idea of how they will be when they take your pictures during your wedding. If you have a moody photographer with no personality, expect to receive forced pibijoux-bride-brosnan-vintage-camera-wedding-photographer-bride1
  4. What type of equipment do they use and how up to date are they? and if they have backup equipment.
  5. Ask them for a list of references from other weddings to get a feel of what past couples have experienced.
  6. Also if your wedding is a destination spot, ask if you have to cover their traveling fees. How many hours will they be at your wedding? Will they need additional payment if they stay longer to shoot photos?
  7. Open questions up to your photographer. Do they need any information about your wedding that you need to tell them?

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