Congrats to Arielle and David!!!

Arielle and David - WedTexts Wedding Couple

David and I were married on April 7, 2017 at Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC. We always knew we wanted our wedding to be a whole weekend experience, so we had events spanning over three days. We had a fairly intimate wedding, with only 80 guests, and the majority of them were from out of state or city.


Because we had many events, and because our guests were unfamiliar with the area, we wanted to be able to keep them easily updated with times and addresses.  WedTexts was the perfect way to engage with our guests all weekend.  I am also very detail oriented, so WedTexts very much appealed to my meticulous nature.


WedTexts ended up being even easier to use than I imagined, and our guests absolutely loved it – we kept hearing how helpful and cool our guests found it! I had all of our texts set up well in advance, so when the weekend began, I didn’t even have to think about it. Additionally, it was super easy to send last minute texts.


At the end of the reception, we had planned for our shuttles to bring our guests downtown to a strip of bars, but hadn’t decided where exactly we would meet. While on the shuttle, David and I chose a bar and sent a text through the WedTexts App – I was so worried that no one would know where to go, but thanks to WedTexts, everyone was there and the fun continued! It was a magical and love filled weekend!



Congrats again Arielle and David!!!!!


Getting married soon?  Or know someone who is?  Effortlessly communicate with your wedding guests by creating your free account today at




Happy 2-year anniversary to my amazing wife, Kelly!!!

Text Reminders for Wedding

Two years ago today I had the good fortune of marrying my best friend! Her love and support mean the world to me, and I hope that I am able to reciprocate a portion of the blessings she has bestowed upon me back to her. Some days I still can’t believe she said yes! Now here we are two years later…how time flies! Kelly — Thank you for going on this crazy ride with me!


WedTexts Wedding - New Orleans, LA


For the many of you that don’t know, Kelly and I tested WedTexts at our wedding in New Orleans two years ago today! We were looking for a fast and easy way to communicate with all our out of town wedding guests who were traveling from across the country to attend our destination wedding. We wanted something that was truly effortless for our guests (and yes, we wanted to impress our wedding guests a bit…what engaged couple doesn’t?), but we were not able to find anything that fit the bill. We couldn’t find anything that would send effortless reminders to our wedding guests.


Bridesmaid communication


We didn’t want guests to have to hold onto a paper wedding weekend itinerary. We knew our out of town wedding guests wouldn’t download a wedding app. And because we were having a destination wedding, we didn’t want them to have to search for our wedding website, so we decided to come up with our own solution.


Groomsmen communication - Wedding Party Communication


Kelly recommended we send all our wedding guests scheduled text notifications through out the weekend to remind them of where our events were taking place, and when they should be there. It was perfect for making sure our groomsmen knew when to be at our rehearsal, and it was effortless for communicating all our wedding event details with our wedding guests.  Also, any address we included in the text message became a clickable link for our wedding guests to get to each venue!


Bridesmaids Communication - Wedding Party Communication


After getting countless compliments from our wedding guests on the “texting service” and 3 of our friends who were engaged asking us if they could use it, we decided to turn it into a business! A few months later we officially launched WedTexts, and now it is the only way to effortlessly communicate with your wedding guests for helpful reminders. WedTexts has been used by engaged couples and wedding planners across the country and is continuing to grow.


Wedding Party App - Unforgettable Wedding Guest Experience


Recently we made WedTexts even easier by coming out with a WedTexts Blueprint. With the Blueprint, couples tell us the details surrounding their wedding events, and WedTexts creates their helpful text reminders for them!


Easy wedding communication for destination weddings


WedTexts is great to remind guests of events such as your engagement party, setting the deadline for RSVPs, hotel room block reminders, or any other event related to your wedding.


Wedding Communication for out of town wedding guests


If your guests can receive a text message, then they will be kept in the loop with WedTexts.


Happy anniversary to Kelly! And congrats to all the couples getting married out there. We hope that you will use WedTexts to easily communicate with your wedding guests…your guests will thank you!


Destination Wedding Planning Tool


WedTexts is an easy way to personalize your wedding.  It is great for destination weddings (or weddings with out of town wedding guests).  Deliver your unforgettable wedding guests experience by creating your account at


Photo Cred – G Chapin Studios

Venue – The Elms Mansion

Cake – Bittersweet Confections


WedTexts Saves the Day


“My wife and I had a lot of events planned for our wedding (casino night, rehearsal, brunch, cocktail hour, ceremony, and reception) and thanks to WedTexts we were able to focus on those events and not worry about reminding our guests about when and where they had to be” – Brian (Groom – Chula Vista, CA)

Brian and his wife’s wedding had a packed schedule. The guests were staying at different hotels and the events were spread out at different venues around the city. Brian set up messages with WedTexts prior to the wedding and was relying on those to create order within the chaos of the wedding. Brian and his wife were too focused on pre-wedding photos and making sure everything was in place at the venue to worry about ensuring guests ended up where they needed to be. WedTexts succeeded in giving guests updates throughout the weekend to ensure they knew where to go. Just when everything was going smoothly, the restaurant set the reservations for brunch an hour later than told. Brian picked up his phone, opened the WedTexts app, and immediately sent a text to all the guests invited to brunch giving them an update on the time. Try WedTexts today and see how it can help you manage your wedding.


WedTexts is now new, improved, and better than before! Be sure to check it out and share it with your friends!

Wedding on a Budget

I’m getting married! Now that the initial shock and awe has settled, it’s time to start planning. My fiancé, Paul, and I decided on April 9, 2016 as the big day and for those of you with a calendar handy, you’ll see that that’s not too far away. So take a deep breath and journey with me as I plan my wedding in less than three months.


The infamous Instagram announcement post.

I come from a family of wedding/party planners so when the news of my engagement broke, they all went into full planning mode with ideas they’d been harboring over the years. But there’s a catch. My goal is to keep everything under $5,000 so to do that, I need to calculate how many people that budget can accommodate, the amount of food, a venue, dress, decor, etc. Now get ready to do some math.

Prices for a venue vary based on location, day of the week, number of people attending and a host of other reasons. Paul and I love the outdoors — our first date was a picnic in the park — so we figured we’d have the ceremony outside. I have a venue in mind so I’m setting aside half of the budget for a place where we can have the ceremony and reception.

For my dress, I figured I could hit up some trunk shows and off-the-rack sales and find something reasonably priced. I’m shooting for $400 on the dress.

Now the remaining aspects of the wedding will be handled by various, gracious family members of my future husband and mine. My church brother will be the photographer, my cousin will DJ, Paul’s mother will be buying his custom-made suit, my father-in-law will tend the bar, and my mother and another of my cousins will buy all of the decor pieces and decorate. All of this, which was priced for me, came out to $600. That puts me at $3,500 which leaves $1,500 for food, stationery and any other miscellaneous things. I signed up for a free WedTexts account that I will use to keep track of everyone by sending them reminders about important deadlines and events.

These numbers will probably change throughout the course of planning but we will try to stick with the ultimate goal. Stay tuned and see exactly how we execute our budgeted wedding in less than three months.
First up: the perfect guest list

4 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Melissa Brewer

When planning a wedding, there are sooo many chooses to make.  So choosing a wedding photographer, or any wedding vendor, is a potential stressful occasion.  If you already know a wedding photographer, Great!  It should make your decision pretty easy.  What if you don’t know a wedding photographer?  To help you out, we partnered with Melissa Brewer with Melissa Brewer Photography in Columbia SC.  Below are her 4 tips for choosing a wedding photographer.


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